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Find new friends who like listening to music, dancing and making new friends, playing football, cycling and watching soccer and movies, watching videos, readingnovels, swiming, insulting, business

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21 years old man from Ghana (Western Region)


Hobbies: Listening to music,dancing and making new friends


About me: Hello,my name is elsie i'm 13yrs old and i'm looking for penpals both boys and girls from the ages of 12to 16 anywhere in the world.just mail me and i will reply.


34 years old man from Ghana (Cape Coast)


Hobbies: Playing football, cycling and watching soccer and movies.


About me: I invite all ladies to give me the nod and hala so we could chat. peace.


33 years old man from Cameroon (Mamfe)


Hobbies: playing football.watching videos.readingnovels,swiming


About me: hi
to every one i am a student at st louise higher institude of biomedical sciences i read labtechnic analysis
actually like friends so i am inviting all the serious and interesting guys and girl over this web and the world to be my friends
thanks for reading and understanding i am simple and very straight forward


25 years old man from UK (United Kingdom) (Fuckts)


Hobbies: insulting


About me: send me anybodies(Your enemy email adress and i will insult them for you


25 years old man from USA (United States of America) (Kansas)


Hobbies: Business


About me: I love money

5031-5035 out of 10093 friends