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28 years old woman from Poland (Kalisz)


Hobbies: playing an instrument, dancing


About me: hi:)


28 years old woman from Poland (Poland)


Hobbies: movies,music, photography, writting


About me: Hello:-D I'm from Poland and I'm looking for friends from USA or UK in age 16-19 years... I'd like to work my English and meet new people from other countries:-) So, write to me...


28 years old woman from Poland (Poland)


Hobbies: music, writing, photography, learning languages, meeting new people, meeting friends


About me: Hi:) I love music (rock type recently, Green Day, Good Charlotte) saga "Twilight" - both books and movies ... I have many dreams ... I really like to write, so in the future I would like to be a journalist. I like to take pictures. I'd like to meet someone my age (16-18 years), preferably from the UK or the USA who could make friends and work on my English.


30 years old woman from Poland (Cracow)


Hobbies: photography, books, music (indie, reggae, britpop, electropop)


About me: hello guys, if you wanna talk with me, so... come on, write to me, i'dd like to meet interesting people from the other countries, who has passions. :)


30 years old woman from Poland (Cracow)


Hobbies: photography, books (read and write), music (indie, reggae)


About me: hello, sorry for my english, but i learn only. i love people, i wanna speak fluently in english. so, i always hear : "fairest manner for training language is... conversation with other people", so... if you wanna "learn" me (etheral woman, who loves magic, great photo and unusualness stuff) tell me ! :-) i will talk (with pleasure) with young (max. 25) interesting people, who has magic in... hm, itself (?). :)

81-85 out of 164 friends