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42 years old woman from Azerbaijan (Baku)


Hobbies: ı lıke to sıng, lısten a musıc, rep and rock.


About me: I would lıke to make a good frıends around the world. ı have a good plans for my future. I can speak wıth a new frıends, ıt wıll be not only speakıng ıt cool that we have ınternet for conversatıon ang go on. ı am ınterestıng to ıntroduce myself and to fınd more about others. I wıll be waıt your answer. bye


35 years old man from Azerbaijan (Baku)


Hobbies: reading, walking and writing


About me: My name is Bahruz,i'm from Azerbaijan.I'd lie to meet new friends from all over the world. Why, because it is just interesting when you meet a person with thoughts that differ from your.

So, i am waiting.