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42 years old man from Cuba (Bayamo)


Hobbies: Not too many, but anything that provide me a way to improve myself in a personal level (reading, films, I really love films) but if it's amusing, enjoyable, then good enough..


About me: "Instead of starting with the big questions of: 'Who am I?' and 'Why am I here?' I would rather to say: Homo sum, humani nihil me alienum puto... if you need more, please, the next fly to the moon is about to depart.. Don't waste your tickets..
This part is only trusted if its reveals something disgraceful, a man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying. What could I say? I love intelligent people, those who like to use their brain, so if you have more than two neuron and you are willing to use them, don’t be afraid to drop me a line, I am waiting. I love women so much, so much, ..well….if I were a woman I were lesbian...mmm…. but maybe I will get an artificial insemination, just to maintain the human species. Paradoxically I am planning to be utterly monogamous....
I am looking for someone willing to help with my English or another language, my original languages is Spanish....this is a very nice way to make friends, I assure you. I would like to know about different cultures, the more weird or traditional the more I will be interested. Remember, “Every language you learn is another man inside you”.
This is my real profile and if you don't like it...well… write to me…I have others...


56 years old woman from Cuba (Ny)


Hobbies: sewing/poetry


About me: GREETINGS! Iam looking for a long term relationship.


38 years old man from Cuba (Havana)


Hobbies: Reading, Travelling, Make Friends, Music, Films,


About me: I am Sri Lankan who live in Havana Cuba.I like to have new friends.
Any Sri Lankan who wish to come to Cuba, Contact me, I can help you in Cuba.
Others from other countries also welcome...