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24 years old woman from Denmark (Vordingborg)


Hobbies: Dance and singing


About me: Hello my name is Anna
I love to dance and sing and i have a band whit my friends.I rellt want to write whit a person from a nother country I think that it would be cool.


34 years old man from Denmark (Esbjerg)


Hobbies: cars . bmx riding (for fun ) . lisining to music , games , finding out how stuff works


About me: HI there everybody , im a yonug man (22) and i live in denmark europe, and i would like to find peaople. to communicate with mainly in the usa.
because thats my favorite country i the whole world, and i feel like im born in the wrong country,and i would really like to move over there so it would be nice to know some peaople over there maby even get some freinds .. but im a nice guy really . im currently single, but write me and i will respond as fast as possible , we can talk about everything , the topic dosent really matter . im just looking for connections to the states,


43 years old man from Denmark (Aalborg)


Hobbies: A lot of different things!


About me: Hi!

My name is Jan. I am a 31 year old man from Aalborg in the north of Denmark.
I´m a very positive and easy-going person. Who loves to laugh and to make other people laugh. But I can also be serious if that´s needed.
I´m very interested in sports, history, the unexplained and in nature.
I´m looking for nice and interesting penpals from all over the world, who loves to write about everything that´s going on in yheir lives!

I promise that I´ll respond to all serious responses.


32 years old man from Denmark (Copenhagen)


Hobbies: boys and men


About me: Looking for gay friends for penpals. any age.


49 years old woman from Denmark (Sřnderborg)


Hobbies: my family, reading, my homepage, my shop, leaning


About me: Hello.
I am a woman of 36 years who want to make friends all over the world. In particular in the U.S. in the first place, when I dream about coming there.
I live with my fiancée and our 2 beautiful girls at 10 and 2 years.
I think it is exciting to learn other culture. I am not very good for anything other than my own language, but I'd love to learn, if I should sit and write with a dictionary.
Write soon