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32 years old woman from Brazil (Săo Paulo (Sao Paulo))


Hobbies: Listening to Music (Metal,Gothic), Writing gothic Literature, Reading Books, etc :D


About me: Hi everybody, I'm Agatha =D I'm 18 and I'm from Brazil. I'm a nice girl and I'm looking for FRIENDS, both male and female friends =D I'd like to meet new people to talk about Music, Gothic Literature (and as well any kind of Literature), Books and lots of other cool subjects. I am not into 'perv' stuff so, ingore me if you have a dirty mind XD I am a normal girl and just gothin 'within'. I love metal and gothic bands such Slipknot, Within Temptation, Rammstein, Nightwish and etc... If you're looking for a REAL FRIEND write me =D I'll be waiting right here for your message.

P.S I speak English, Portuguese and Italian =D

Ciao! Bye! See you soon =)

athu nisha

29 years old woman from Brazil (Kalpetta)


Hobbies: chatting with friends..............


About me: hai.......


53 years old woman from Brazil (Paranaguá)


Hobbies: draw,music,paint,sleeping,travelling,church


About me: hi iam looking for a friendship with a christian
male, a person with morals,sincere ,educated,
polite and respectful.Iam 40 years old single teacher portuguese and english.i have posgraduate
in letters.i want to make friendships and a good friend is hard to come up these days.if you write me welcome.

Srta. Nine

35 years old woman from Brazil (Săo Paulo)


Hobbies: Reading, Going to the movies, Playing Guitar Hero. Watching animes.


About me: Hello!
My name is Aline, I´m 20 years old and I´m from Brazil. I´m looking for friends from all over the world to talk to.


34 years old woman from Brazil (Gyn)


Hobbies: read books, dance, laugh and listen to good music


About me: Hello world,
my name is Anna and I´m from Brazil. I´m a reaaly shy person and really dreamy too. I never traveled abroad but I really want to meet friends from all over the world. Different countries, different appearence, different styles. Friendship for me is something that really matters and I´m really interested in make some new friends here!!
Send me a message if you think we have some in common.

1-5 out of 7 friends
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