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48 years old woman from Bulgaria (Sassd)


Hobbies: dddd


About me: dsads


40 years old woman from Bulgaria (Karnobat)


Hobbies: tv.muzik


About me: hi i am Turk born in Bulgaria of 25 years, height 167 centimeters, 56 kilograms, do not smoke do not drink alcohol, no bad habits, no love; walking at night, bars, restaurant, love;, children, people with inner beauty, to cook , garden work, talking with friends, watching TV, listening to music, live a lodgings, working as a hairdresser, but no permanent work, I am poor, but rich in soul, do not like to talk bad people.not before marriage,i am virgin. I want marriage for life and not for 1 parents died a road accident. I live alone, but i have relatives living in another city.i am looking serious ,muslim and with inner beauty man for marriage


50 years old woman from Bulgaria (Plovdiv)


Hobbies: reading, writing, contemplating...


About me: A heathen - an asatruar. An English teacher both by vocation and education. Fond of ancient and medieval history /and particularly of the Viking Age/, of art, literature and philosophy, of medieval weaponry. Engrossed with the spiritual warrior's path. An avid reader, but also fond of writing and discussing. A fan of Gothic, Doom and Death rock. Cinema-addict. I love animals and worship Nature. Its majestic mountains with their forests and lakes. The wolf and the raven - my soul totems.


28 years old woman from Bulgaria (Sofia)


Hobbies: rithmic gymnastics, listening to music, watching movies


About me: Just write ;)