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Bella S.

31 years old woman from Turkey (Sousse Tunisia)


Hobbies: reading, travelling, movies & TV, learning new languages :)


About me: hi, I'm Bella from Tunisia. I put Turkey as my country to get a bigger chance to know Turkish people. I've been in Istanbul 2 years ago. I fell in love with that city. I fell in love with Turkey. I'm learning the Turkish language (still a beginner). I'd love to chat with guys & girls from Turkey and be friends with them.

Peace from Tunisia :)


30 years old woman from Turkey (Eskişehir)


Hobbies: film izlemek


About me: any


31 years old woman from Turkey (Ankara)


Hobbies: Music, reading, travel,cooking, meeting news friends..


About me: Hi.
I am a Turkish daughter. I am a student of Turkish Language and Literature. I would like to obtain information about foreign cultures and new friendships. Waiting to hear from you as you share the same thoughts.


27 years old woman from Turkey (Blah Blah)


Hobbies: Playing guitar, watching TV, writing, reading


About me: Hello! I am Asphyxia from Turkey! I am 16 years old, and I want to talk with people all over the world! My hobbies are playing the guitar, watching TV or movies, writing and reading! My favorite book is Harry Potter, but my favorite author is George Orwell. I can speak English and German. So if you want to talk, write to me, I won't bite, much


38 years old woman from Turkey (Kl)


Hobbies: resd book ,traveling, meet people


About me: Hello ;Im from Turkey want meet new friends from all around world to have friend and improve my english.

1-5 out of 9 friends
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