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28 years old woman from USA (United States of America) (Beverly Hills)


Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Music, sports, and boys


About me: Hey, My name is Jennifer and I am from the USA. I am from the sunny state of California (:
I can speak fluent English and am proficient in Korean and French. I am currently learning Russian. I am in performing arts. I hope to be a fmous actress/singer one day. Music is a big part of my life. I love different cultures and having fun :D I laugh a lot and am sociable. Anyone from europe, especially, should contact me ^.^ I play volleyball and basketball.

Miss/ Hun/ Sweetie/...

39 years old woman from USA (United States of America) (South-Eastern U.S)


Hobbies: Since age 5 on: Art( Drawing/painting/sculpting...It's been my passin and my calling. It's a big part of me..Can't get rid of it. It's embedded in my soul, and having an artistic soul someties sucks, 'cuz it's too sensitive); Music ( all genres. I


About me: I want to meet artistic souls whom I can share with!!! If something is Your passion, and You create it, from Your heart, then You know what I mean. I sing in a church choir and I sing contralto. If You are a musician, a writer, a poet, a singer, an art curator, an actor, a dancer, a music composer, an orchestra maestro, a fashion designer, and You truly perceive the world with Your Artistic soul, then e-mail me. Please, no snobs or wannabess need apply...Either You're born with " IT" or You're not. Fame is irrelevant. I just want to meet genuine artistic souls. I especially admire instrumentalists ( in a band /or not), since I love Music and I don't know how to play any musical instruments. I love genuinely passionate people who " create"


46 years old woman from USA (United States of America) (Oakland)


Hobbies: Traveling, sports, movies, muisc, dance


About me: Hi......lam 33 year old female from Fiji island but l live in USA. I enjoy travel all over all the world and meeting far l been south africa, Uk canada, china....lam looking for friends from all over world and geting to know about they culturs,lifestyel and become good friends


33 years old woman from USA (United States of America) (Tucson)


Hobbies: Music, writing, chatting.


About me: Hello. My name is Amberlynn. I am 20 years. I live in Tucson, Arizona in the USA. I am attending college. I love talking to people from all over the world, including the USA. I would love to get to know you, so send me an email. I hope to be able to get to know someone on any level. I am very open, so feel free to ask whatever you like. I am friendly, understanding and a great friend. I hope that we can become penpals. :)

Brittney Walker

25 years old woman from USA (United States of America) (N/a)


Hobbies: writing, talking, soccer, swimming, surfing the web, chatting, texting, dancing, gardening, swinging, sims3, penpals


About me: Heya, I'm brittney, and I am a single 13 year old girl from the USA. I love to write, chat, text, ride on rollercoasters, etc.
My favorite tv show is charmed, I wish I had the kind of love that piper and leo have.
I love lots of books, and used to be addicted to reading, but came out of that habit.
I am very caring and would love to meet some new people. I'm not really looking for anything in particular, but hopefully someone around my age, male or female, that is interested in the same things I am.
Maybe later in the penpal relationship I would give you my cell number so that we can text, oh, yeah, and I text in class;)

1-5 out of 342 friends
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